Custom Designs & Remodelling


Jill designs and hand makes custom jewellery always incorporating customers individual needs and tastes into the designs. To create such personal pieces of jewellery, she likes to get to know a bit about the recipient.

"To create something uniquely for a person I need to get a true feel for them... who they are, their values and where they see themselves in the world. The piece needs to reflect them, needs to have a purpose and a reason for being. These custom works are not merely just another gift that can be bought at any department store. They are an extension of the recipient something that they will hand down to their future generations, a memory of themselves. "

This dedication to the individual customer dictates that personalized commissions are not truly able to be reproduced.

"Every persons story is unique making each commissioned work a personal journey."

As part of this custom service, Jill accepts customers old and unwanted jewellery for re-designing and remodelling into new unique wearable art.

Depending on their structure and composition it may also be possible to incorporate certain keepsakes into a custom designed family heirloom.

Please contact Jill to discuss your next bespoke piece.


As part of her custom service, Jill works alongside clients to design unique jewellery pieces that reflect the clients' personality and needs. She then hand-makes new bespoke jewellery pieces using materials from the clients' old unwanted jewellery.

The remodelling process involves removing all stones from the unwanted jewellery; melting and reforming the metal into the new design; and finally re-setting any suitable or requested stones back into the newly remodelled piece of jewellery.

For further information about this service please contact Jill.